Food made easy for busy moms.

Who I Am May 4, 2011

I grew up in Alaska and currently live in beautiful, friendly Fairbanks.  I have two wonderful girls and a very outdoorsy husband.  I try to juggle a full-time job, part-time school, two kids, ballet lessons, swimming lessons, cleaning the house, gardening, shopping and cooking almost every night.  It makes me tired just writing about it.  I hope this blog will help you plan out your week so you are prepared, not so overwhelmed, and inspire you to try something new.  These recipes are merely guidelines and meant to bring you inspiration.  Did I mention I own about 100 cookbooks?  Check back often as I add recipes and tips to help you through the week.  Enjoy!


8 Responses to “Who I Am”

  1. Sarah Marshall Says:

    This is awesome Amy….great work!!

  2. Janel Walton Says:

    I love your blog. The intros before the recipes are especially entertaining! Great job with the writing.

  3. Alex Gardner Says:

    Hey Amy,
    Love your blog! What a great idea, now I am just wondering how you find the time to do a blog, and cook, work, go to school & be such a great Mom?! I can’t wait to try some of your recipes. Keep up the great work.

  4. Amy,
    I thought I would come over and say “Hi”. I saw your post on my Facebook page about your starting a blog. You have a great start here. Nice writing. Good luck with it. I hope you enjoy being bitten by the food blog bug as much as I have.

  5. Stephanie Says:

    100 cookbooks! Impressive. I always knew you were a good cook, now everyone else knows too.

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