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Blueberry Lemon Cosmopolitan May 9, 2013

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We have had a very, very long winter in Alaska this year. So long in fact that we have had nine months of accumulated snow, 217 days in a row of the temperature not reaching 50 degrees breaking a 100 year record, and in six more weeks we will begin to lose daylight. I have gotten to the point that I really don’t believe that summer is even going to arrive this year. My 6 year old daughter keeps reminding me that we don’t have spring like everyone else. So depressing…..

So, I have decided to bring summer to me and stop waiting for Mother Nature. (I do have some choice words for her at the moment, but I will let you use your imagination on what those words are.) Nothing says summer to me more than blueberries and lemons.

The inspiration for this drink came a couple of months ago when my sisters and I enjoyed a wonderful happy hour at Orso’s. It was a beautiful winter afternoon of shopping in downtown Anchorage and then enjoying an early lunch/dinner. They had a Blueberry Lemon Cosmopolitan drink special and I liked it so much that I felt inspired to recreate it when we got home. The end result was so yummy that we had a very hard time making ourselves stop refilling our glasses that night.

Tonight was the perfect night to bring summer to me and resurrect this drink. It sure made me feel a little better and I hope it can do the same for you if Mother Nature has failed you like she has me.  Enjoy!


Blueberry Lemon Cosmopolitan

1 oz Cointreau or orange liqueur
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice, about 1 lemon
1 oz Odwalla Blueberry B juice
1 1/2 oz blueberry flavored vodka

Add all ingredients to a cocktail mixer and add about 1 oz crushed ice. Shake for about a minute until very cold and frothy. Pour into cosmopolitan or martini glass and top off with lemon-lime seltzer water. Garnish with lemon slice and/or frozen blueberries.